favorite #71: a love story

The Berlin Wall. Not for what it stood for (literally!), rather for all the reasons it was torn to pieces. Prague is my all-time favorite city and it is the magical place it is today because of Hungary’s Peace Picnic (it’s my aspiration to live in Budapest someday like my ancestors, btw) which led to the first tear in the mighty Iron Curtain, aka the fall of the Berlin Wall, which ultimately gave the Czechs the confidence to stand up to the invasive troops, thus commencing the Velvet Revolution. The rest is sweet, sweet history.

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall (November 9th, 1989 to be exact) I thought it only appropriate to share a story I am in love with: an impractical fairy-tale love story. One woman and one man(?) fall in love decades ago only to struggle through a lifetime of contempt, destruction, and the longest long-distance relationship in the record books. This is the story of the marriage of one woman to the (Mr.) Berlin Wall. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS TO BELIEVE IT:


“I needed a strong support in my life…  and I found YOU – my beloved Berlin Wall!

“We eventually married on June 17, 1979 at Groß-Ziethener Straße in Berlin. On that day I took my husband’s name, Berliner-Mauer. That is “Berlin Wall” in German, which is my husband’s first language.” – 

Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer

Whatever makes the world go round…

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