favorite #9 (3+3+3)

This Old House. Carnegie Mellon’s chapter of the International (Canada!) Sorority Delta Delta Delta just moved into a fancy-smancy 30+ person house on the Greek Quad. However, no matter how far we roam, 103 Margaret Morrison will always be our home. SO many unforgettable, unrepeatable, and unmentionable memories happened in this 16 person townhome. No matter the rather dowdy curb appeal or hideous $2,000 curtains, the glorious pink room I lived in, the spinning love nest, the fly swatter in the cabinets, the trophy cases, the broken clock, the house dinners, the late night gab-fests on the back porch swing, the box o’ fun in the scholarship closet, the meetings, the deliveries, the kickboxing frenzies, the karaoke, the parties, working late into the night on booth or studio or both, the laughter, the pillows on the floor, the tears, the screaming, the hate, the love, and the everlasting friendships are the best I’ve ever known.

❤ ❤ ❤ n4803729_32630041_8430

One thought on “favorite #9 (3+3+3)

  1. I just got a little misty-eyed. Also, dear friend, the love nest kind of broke. Not sure if you knew that part. But just like all other things, even though we cannot revisit them, they’re still alive in memory 🙂 🙂 🙂

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