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Yankees’ World Series Victory Ticker-Tape Parade along Broadway in the Canyon of Heroes, NYC:
IMG_9283Admittedly, I’m not a larger-than-life fan. Honestly, my dedication to the Yankees throughout the post-season this year has more to do with my plethora of free-time, my dad and brother’s life-long love of the team from our home town, and the shear excitement that comes with cheering for the enemy in a town that is a devote Phillies Phan town all the way!

The Ticker-tape parade was sheer awesomeness! I was in Chicago by complete coincidence in October 2005 when the White Sox won the World Series and happened up a parade that equally fun but child’s play compared to NYC’s party. It’s true, no one throws a party (or has more opinions about the Red Sox NOT the Phillies) like the good people of New York! We arrived from mid-town at Vessey and Broadway near City Hall Park around 9:00 and apparently that was 5 hours later than the people who were camped out in the front row! Granted, the view of the players would have been better in my living room, but the hilarity of getting crushed in a crowd of millions, where standing on your tippy-toes and inhaling meant permanently losing half of your personal space, is something not to be missed. 27 rings later, this is not the last of the Yankee Parades, and next year we know to start the party in the wee hours of the morning, actually win tickets to City Hall Plaza, and dress in business suits so as to get past the NYPD’s barricades. Plan B is to get a job along the Canyon on Heroes. Stay tuned…

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