favorite #2

Praha, Česká Republika.

9428_575396159369_4803729_33736329_2547986_n9428_575409891849_4803729_33737183_1919235_nn4803729_32095049_7937If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the hundreds of thousands of photos I have of my second love, my absolute favorite place in the world, say more than any words could ever hope to convey. From the gorgeous Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture to the kooky art exhibits, from the people’s fascination with all things 80’s to the country’s drink of choice (water is at least five times more expensive than pivo!) there are a billion and one reasons to be here before the Euro overruns the Czech Crowns!

(pssst. The top photo is one of my favorite photos of all time. Although the box says “Paris”, and indeed this photograph was taken along the Seine in Paris, the first postcard in the box is a postcard of the Charles Bridge and Castle in Prague! It is SO perfect because Prague is known as “Little Paris” to some, especially after Hitler commissioned a little Eiffel Tower to be constructed out of railroad steel on Petrin Hill just months after the real deal was built in Paris. Even though the Tour d’Eiffel was met with lukewarm acclaim in France, Prague was more than happy to have the replica!)

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