favorite #5

One, two, three, four, five fingers wrapped around a steaming cup o’ joe rounds out my top five favorites. Black, rich, hazelnut flavored (sometimes iced and extra strong). Morning, noon, and night. Mm mm mm.

Coffee, my love, is another product of my education. Until mid-October of Freshman year of college I was a devout tea drinker. And then it hit me: I needed to power through the night if my architecture project was ever to be complete. Two years later at a Mock Trial Tournament at Cornell University I fell asleep after downing five espresso shots. Forever after I wonder how people claim to toss and turn all night dare they not drink decaf. Boggling, really, boggling.

DISCLAIMER: This particular cup is from an infamous/famous establishment in Seville (Starbucks got me through Spain’s 110 degree Fahrenheit weather for two week. Eternally grateful.) but any cup (preferably not Starbucks actually for I must say Dunkin Donuts home brewed and Coffee Tree Roasters and the billions of itty bitty pop-up coffee shops (61C in Sq. Hill, Pittsburgh, love you) is pure love.

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