favorite #10

“Gaudi was Here”

A few of my favorite concrete creations  from my favorite architect of all time:

I’m a huge postcard collector. Hey, they’re cheaper than magnets and easy to transport and above all they make for one-of-a-kind wall decor (I accessorized my delicate plaster walls in my flat in Prague with post cards and coasters (more on that obsession later!) and it completely transformed the bland room into one of endless memories).

My favorite postcard is one I purchased from the Sagrada Familia’s gift shop (top two photos for those of you not in the know!) in Barcelona. I bought it with intentions of taping it to my studio desk as a justification for the crazy creations I thought up. Why do I make neon pink organic forms? Why didn’t you know?! Gaudi was here!

ps. Barcelona is endlessly tearing up their sidewalks to make way for new and improved metro and trans-country lines so last summer my travel buddy and I saw our opportunity to grab a bit of history as we lounged at a coffee house in front of Casa Mila. The shops in the area charge outrageous prices for replicas of the famed Gaudi pavement tiles but if you are resourceful (fyi: EasyJet has a 15kg limit and these babies are HEAVY) and sly enough you can have the real thing! And so the infamous tune: “I’ve got a piece of Barcelona! I’ve got a piece of the Louvre! I’ve got a piece of Nice… and Mies too! If I’m coming ’round to your city or town… You better keep all your concrete on lock down!” So true. So true.

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