favorite #11

Shopping in a store chocked full o’ deals! Channeling Men Without Hats: If your friends don’t shop then they ain’t no friends of mine! I cannot resist a deep discount or a freebie and thus these past few days post-Thanksgiving have been a whirlwind of wonderfulness. Unexpectedly, I find myself working in retail this holiday season and so I managed to not only break even, but come out ahead this Black Friday, Super Saturday, Sales Sunday, and Cyber Monday! Huzzah?! This time of year the retailers have packed their stores to the brim but there is no contest compared to this yarn store in Beijing, China, seconds from the northern exit of the Forbidden City. In one of the largest cities in the world space is still a hot commodity, especially with such a prime location (Who doesn’t immediately take up knitting upon seeing the Emperor’s throne?! This place MUST be where he got his new clothes from! muaha.). I think stores in the US should take a hint… maybe then I wouldn’t have to drive all over God’s creation to get the deals and steals 😉

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