Favorite #1 {from the Shanghai World Expo}

By far the best pavilion at the Expo and the third one I am going to run to on May 1st (after France with their free wine and Belgium with their free chocolate! ha!).

an excerpt:

March 31st, 2010

Thomas Heatherwick’s UK Pavilion is nearing completion for the Shanghai Expo 2010, which opens in May.

Called Seed Cathedral, the wooden structure is pierced by 60,000 fibre-optic rods that each contain plant seeds at their tips.

These rods will draw light into the pavilion during the day and direct it outwards at night.

After the expo the rods and seeds will be distributed to schools in China and the UK.

The Shanghai Expo will take place 1 May to 31 October 2010.

The following information is from Thomas Heatherwick:

AT THE 2010 SHANGHAI EXPO The UK Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo expresses British creativity and environmental engagement at the biggest event of its kind since the Expo phenomenon began in 1851 with the Great Exhibition at London’s Crystal Palace. Since then, there have been more than 50 Expos …..



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