Hypothetical Amazing Website, Go.

Page One: Click anywhere on the homepage image and be sent to…..

Page Two: Chose any of the icons to visit that project or subject matter on

Page Three: Template for my amazing website.

Story: When I start making more of those symbols ($) that we (Americans) stole (from the Spanish to anger Mother England way-back-when) then you will be able to interact with these pages in a slightly more tactile way.

On the website I designed whilst in Prague you could push a load of buttons and magically end up on pages blooming with all sorts of goodies. I did the whole thing in code on Dreamweaver and brilliantly so until I realized that CMU’s webspace could not handle my inner-cyberspace-genius anymore than their plotters could handle Thesis deadlines (read: could not handle. At all.)

And so until I make a grand total of $$$,$$$ a year I will continue to clunk around this blog.

For now I shall remain a graphic designer by day and an interactive media designer by dreams.

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