Love & Lasercutting

Amazing. Just when I thought those late nights in the cluster teaching myself HTML code were but a coffee-induced illusion — VIOLA! — the fruits of my labor emerged from digi-wasteland!!! Behold my digital fabrication website from Mark Gross’ course during the early days of Carnegie Mellon’s School of  Architecture owning a laser cutter. Of course the playfulness to come out of this semester led to many more refined and architectural explorations and other machines, such as the vacuum former, and seven billion axis robot and the 3-D printer. However sophisticated my future darling turn out, the early days of love and lasercutting will forever remain – in my heart and cyberspace!

Check it out:

2 thoughts on “Love & Lasercutting

  1. HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT THAT POODLE?? It’s even more impressive in retrospect.
    “Bugs: this is a pretty intense process.
    Successes: It is gorgeous!”

    • You forgot about my poodle?! I bet I know one person who didn’t forget: Walter! What a project that was. Currently it holds a stash of Hersey Kisses – much more enjoyable than a handful of coughdrops 🙂

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