Custom Tees Here

Somewhere on the scale of “Activities I cannot get enough of”, somewhere between ‘eating chocolate’ and ‘lasercutting’ ranks ‘screenprinting’. Three summers ago at the Three River Arts festival in Pittsburgh I was introduced to the art and religiously trekked to the North Side to AIR to partake in open studio nights. I made sheets, cards, coasters, and one too many t-shirts (note: this is the opinion of others, of course I hold court with the opposite opinion).

After learning the cheap and dirty way to screenprint the next logical step is to tie this passion into another, just as Jean Nouvel has done oh-so-well, above, on the corner wrap-around facade of the Andel mall just south of the Prague Castle. Just look at how those pedestrians marvel! It’s been done here and there around the world and I’ve even taken a stab at suggesting etched and printed glass in studio projects (see my resin-wrapped Mobile Library project or my Carrie Furnace Museum of Steel mile-long roof system (yup.)). Now, for the real thing, done by moi. So… are you an architect? Do you own a bit of glass? A mirror? A Building? Or would you just like a t-shirt? All of the above? CALL ME!

//Ali’s Homemade Screenprinting Pie: How to make your own screenprinting masterpieces sans YuDo or any other fancy equipment!


2 thoughts on “Custom Tees Here

  1. Brilliant!! You could host your own HGTV show, Ali 🙂 I wish you would! And then go on Project Runway and screenprint all of your fabrics! Seriously, that was a good tutorial. It had some memorable lines. My favourites were:
    1) your opening sentence
    2)”one stipling brush (mind you: if you anticipate falling hard for this technique, then one will just not be enough!”
    3) “Let dry. Go make up some other designs.” [optional… but not really!]

    • Yes! I would LOVE my own show! Someday, someday. I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial and I hope you heed my directions over in Scotland!

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