Best Decision I Ever Made.

One day after Election Day seems like an appropriate time to discuss decisions, for better and for worse. My vote, actually cast weeks ago via an absentee ballot- apparently on the rise in my native New Jersey- was for better, judging by the results blasted towards me and anyone else vaguely in touch with a television, radio, or newspaper as of 8pm last night. However, the decision I’d like to discuss today and for the next month, or until this discussion is complete months, years, from now, is my decision to join a sorority. I pledged in the Fall of 2004, just three or so weeks into my collegiate career. Five years of the best experiences, memories and friendships later, one year removed, and with the advent of Nanowrimo upon us for the tenth or so year, I have decided to revisit this best decision of my life through the mighty sword of the keystroke. Of course, membership in a sorority does not end, and to some, merely begins, upon graduation. With a lifetime membership card in tow, I have decided to put to screen the most thrilling, terrific and terrible happenings in 103 Maggie Mo. Whether this decision is for better or worse has yet to be known, quite frankly because, what I will write has yet to be written – save an outline and “excerpt” blurb, which you can find here: Nanowrimo challenged me to write 500 words each day until November 30th, when the editing process begins. Verbose as I am, this should not be a difficult task when discussing an array of subject manner. But lately I’ve been penning too many serious things – coverletters, applications – and the last thing I want to do is impose a task on myself void of humor and irreverence. And so it begins, the nine-tenths true, adulterated view of sorority life by a sister in the bonds…

“26 ounces of Womanly Character” can be read as it is written here.

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