Black Friday? Nevermore! If you’ve been even just slightly listening to the chatter surrounding the year’s most celebrated shopping holiday, you know that this year it has lost some of it’s luster. The sales have been dragging on for weeks and the best deals are already out there! Yes! I am seriously in shopping Heaven, experiencing shopper’s bliss on this Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, I will have PLENTY to be thankful for! has been hosting a week long marathon type event leading up to the big day. They say they’ll even price match big electronic sure to be the affection of many and the presents of few at Walmart, Target and like discount retailers. However, my Amazon happiness stems from the facts that they are now giving away yearlong subscriptions to Amazon Prime, which means anytime I fancy a little $10 range present I don’t have to suffer through a steep $3.99 s&h tax! Hurray! This compounded with the little fact that my favorite neoprene bags ( = LOVE THEM!) were on sale on Amazon! I got a brand new, hot pink on the inside, black and white french bull vine on the outside gourmet insulated lunch bag (see image above) for $16 and change PLUS I had accumulated enough points from an online survey site to earn a free $5 gift card! So let’s recount my steal: a $25 dollar bag (MSRP) for $16.50 on sale plus $5 for taking occasional surveys for a period of about two months plus FREE two say shipping! By Monday I’ll be off to lunch with a new STEAL of a bag! Go me!

Further proof that Black Friday is inching it’s way closer to the beginning of the week? and others are honoring “Black Friday Deals” now! So when everyone else goes to log on Thursday night or goes to the parking lots to camp out Friday morning, they’ll be in line for the size medium that I already hooked two nights before! If you sign up for’s email newsletter you’ll get an instant, and I mean instantly zapped to your email, no hassle, $15 off of $75 PLUS free shipping over $50. Throw that on top of the $10 and $20 steals you can get on wool blend sweaters and favorite supersoft long sleeves tees and even panties and WOW! THAT IS A DEAL! I just spent a smidge over $60 and walked away with 8 items – including a used to be this price on it’s own sweater in the color and size I wanted! No compromise, just pure awesomeness.

More deals await me (and you) at where dozens of ads have been leaked. Clicking on many of these ads reveals links to new sites where even more coupons can be had! DEAL! Signing up for email alerts is a great idea, too, I have discovered, and getting off a mailing list is really as simple as clicking your mouse a few times more. So tomorrow I can score 25% off of everything plus free shipping at AE and then I can delete them, no hard feelings. We’ve both won the game, and a game it most certainly is!

And the deals only start here. True, there is an advantage to shopping with the Friday morning crowds, free coffee being one of them, and I will be out there, as usual. However, this Wednesday night, hunched over my computer on the biggest and best bar night of the year next to St. Patrick’s Day (this is fact!), I feel victorious and joyously content with my homebody-like decision.

HAPPY SHOPPING, TODAY, TOMORROW (free products at CVS tomorrow if you count extra buck rewards as free (and who doesn’t?)) BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY AND FOREVER!


  1. The same to you, Sam!

    As an addendum to my Bliss Wednesday post, I would like to note that chain drugstore shopping on Thanksgiving was another solid, victorious idea. With a total of less than $40 – cash – spent at three retailers, not only did I receive $20 back in store-affiliated dollars (and if you shop at these retailers with their reward cards (non-credit) at least once a month, this is virtually cash NOT Monopoly money!) but I walked away with three huge bags stuffed with items that at full price, heck, even at normal sale prices, tally way over $100. Par example: CVS sells a 10 oz bottle of Eucerin Daily Moisturizer for $8.49 (this is a pricier drugstore brand and an excellent one at that!). Today (and I believe for the next two days if you are lucky enough to find it on the shelf of your neighborhood retailer), it was on sale for $6.99 PLUS if you have a rewards card you walked away with $6.99 back in Extra Bucks. Same for a 72 count three pack of Listerine pocket strip, a 8 count bottle of Excedrin, an organic shampoo…. ALL FREE! Of course having stored up some Extra Bucks from a previous purchase was helpful too – I walked out of the store having paid $9 and I had $11 Extra Bucks in my hand! Essentially, CVS paid me for walking in their store and taking merchandise off of their shelf!

    In conclusion, this (and many other things of course!) is what I have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving Holiday!

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