Heaven is…

Many thanks to my dear friend and best-ever travel buddy Heidi for spotting this on one of her many travels. Were truer words ever written? And here I go again dreaming about a re-return voyage to Europe {sigh}…

4 thoughts on “Heaven is…

  1. LOVE IT! 🙂 Miss you! And miss traveling with you! 😦
    ‘I have a piece of Barcelona. I have a piece of the Louvre. I have a piece of Mies. The beach in Nice too! If I’m coming ’round, to your city or town, you better put all your cement on lock down!’

    • AHH! THAT song. So many memories. One of these days we have to get our pieces of Gaudi’s Barcelona sidewalk together for a reunion!

  2. Truer words were never spoken….. love them British coppers, but the cooking over there is scary!! Ali, comeeeeeee visit!!

    • I would love to visit – especially because I just learned of a wonderful festival/event called the Viking something on January 25th in Scotland. Sounds like a smashing good time!

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