Barbie Dream {Gingerbread} House

Holiday traditions are fabulous. It gives everyone something to look forward to in a world where surprises lurk around every corner. My family has many holiday-time traditions – from a family gift of a new board game each year to be promptly played as soon as the piles of tissue paper subside – to french toast for breakfast and lasagna with handmade sauce and meatballs for dinner (my mouth is watering right now!). My favorite tradition – aside from winning the yearly board game! – is making a gingerbread house. When my sister and I were wee little ones we used to gather friends from near and far (Hello Krista in Denmark!) and have a mother-daughter gingerbread baking and decorating event. Times have changed and people now live further apart (than Europe? Yes!) and the tradition has dwindled down to the Lukacsy siblings who love nothing more than a well decorated house (ginger or not!).

This holiday Melissa and I decided to do something a little daring with our icing: We transformed the bland white frosting into the most gorgeous shade of pink. From the foundation up our house is nothing short of the perfect abode for a (very) tiny Barbie. Even Santa is decked out in pink duds and purple mittens. {See page iMAKE for the DIY instructions/tips/ideas that you won’t find inside the craft box!}

And so this evening, whilst many people wish next Christmas was not so far away, I am happy to wait another 365 until the next gingerbread house for this beauty will require some heavy thinking to top!


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