Toasted Marshmallow

Earlier this week I raved about a “toasted marshmallow” soda from Nifty Fifty’s, a Philadelphia-based 1950’s themed restaurant, famed for their decadent and delicious milkshakes and genuine 1950’s feel in taste and atmosphere. It was my first experience at the soda fountain, which boasts over 50 bizarre combinations such as “cherry chocolate cheesecake” and “lime-mango”. As I was in the seasonal mood (and cold) I decided on “toasted marshmallow”. It was amazing beyond my wildest dreams and now I am on the hunt for a Torani syrup of the same name and a recipe other than this plus diet coke (really? I cannot imagine the taste of cream soda-like heaven occurs when a flavored syrup hits diet coke. I refuse.).

My hunt aside, now I CRAVE marshmallows, warm, ooey-gooey marshmallows with a slight brown edge.

Lucky me, this year’s YEAR END SALE at Philosophy features not one, not two, but six products with the name “marshmallow” (yes, I did type that into the search column) and not only that – three of them are called “melting marshmallow” and a fourth “s’mores” and ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE UP TO 40% OFF PAGE! I just couldn’t be happier with my favorite beauty company right now and their amazing scents and their amazing sales (+ free shipping + free samples + “candy cane” 3-in-1 (which I love thanks to my Secret Santa Heidi!) and the complete “gingerbread girl + man” set for just a smidge over $50?! Yup.

If I were you, I’d be there, not here! It’s okay, I give you permission to stray, just come on back now, ya hear 😉

AND if anyone has insight into other great END OF THE YEAR SALES (Sephora, I know, I know.) give me a holler! Remember: It’s all about giving this time of year – giving me the discount codes 😉

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