Everyone loves a sale, especially this time of year when some (most?) people realize their holiday spending sprees went a bit overboard? I have never been one of those people because I practice the most intense form of self-control pre-holidays, knowing that I can get the same item for a hugely reduced price a day or week or month after America’s biggest day of gift giving (yup, December 25th!). True, shopping in this manner can be frustrating (the cutest shoes are only in size fours now!) but it can also be very rewarding (I just scored a Honey & Hive necklace and earrings from for almost 70% off their pre-holiday retail price with my bonus offer code (TREAT) and their ends-today-sale PLUS free shipping and no tax.

Intrigued? I’ll let you in on another one of my secrets, I discovered this site over Thanksgiving break while mindlessly watching the new talkshow “The Talk” (CBS, features a whole bunch of middle aged woman who used to have a career in more important/funny television endeavors) and the ladies were chatting about the website’s super unbelievable, outrageous deals that change daily. It used to be that the new deals rolled out at midnight but now that they are out at noon daily, the race is on to see who can be the first of one or maybe ten people to score the very limited quantity merchandise. As I mentioned before, this shopping method is frustrating (I’ve logged on SO many times at 12:01pm to find that the item I wanted is gone) but when you are fast enough, the deals are tremendous (read: 90% off authentic, really good quality designer, never before used stuff!).

Intrigued even more? Well good, because besides from bragging about my mid-day purchases, this purpose of this post is for me to help you by helping me. So is doing a promotion where by clicking on this link you will be directed to register (your name, email) with the site to receive daily emails (unsubscribing is easy later, but trust me, you won’t want to! It’s addicting!) and then you’ll be encouraged to “like” on Facebook (also easy, because you probably still “like” those silly groups from Freshman year so what’s the harm is adding another company you may not know but will soon love (promise!)).

The catch? None! The advantage (aka why I am telling you this?) is that for every “friend” I get to go through this mindless process the closer I am to free goods. Once you’re all signed up, you could also do the same and get a 10 off gift card in the process. So win-win? I think so! So do me a solid and use these last few minutes of your lunch break to show me some love!

In review: Albeit cut-throat and time consuming, landing great deals at this semi-annual sale time of year is a fun game worth playing and winning! CLICK HERE IF YOU LOVE ME!

2 thoughts on “SALE!

  1. Until Thursday… hot sale at featuring further reduced prices (and not just the low ratings or the winter haul… great spring polos and timeless canvas totes for rock bottom). Use JAN20 and 6111 (pin) as check out for free ship over 50 usd. Love it.

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