told you so

Once upon a few weeks ago a few young architects-in-training turned a holiday party invite email chain into a discussion on the merits of 3-D wallpaper.

Most people had negative views  towards the three dimensional, aligned with their hatred for plastic covered couches (fyi: I too hate this). I tried to sway opinions as others threw hideous jpgs and youtube vids my way. Now I’d like to revive that conversation with support from a stellar designer’s blog (she uses an image from the Rockwell Group for inspiration…need I say more?!). So, yeah, these examples are pretty awesome and remind me only vaguely on Hilde’s flower covered bathroom renovation on the good ol’ day episodes of TLC’s Trading Spaces (remember Paige cam?)

In review: 3-D wallpaper is awesome. Told you so.

One thought on “told you so

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