Never fear AlitheArchitect is still architecting – now more than ever. The days have been short on daylight and long on autocadd and rhino and red pens. Cleveland has been a treat, despite the weather blamed on the lake, this city is certainly not the mistake on the lake or any other cheap-shot pun that most people associate with the city they assume to be downtrodden and Detroit-like. Not unlike the former industrious giant Pittsburgh, Cleveland is a city brimming with creativity and med students to boot. Even with the snow consistently underfoot there has been plenty to explore and even more as the darkness gives way to shades of pale gray. Three cheers for all the people who know that Cleveland Rocks and that hotness lives here along withBetty White’s beloved character (and to the clueless people who are supplying me with free wifi in my apartment for the first time in two months and thus allowing me to post!). I ❤ CLE

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