April Showers

With the promise of both rain AND snow showers this first weekend in April also comes a healthy dose of architecture related activities in Cleveland (not to mention the dozens of apartment building tours I’m conducting on Saturday as my immanent move from “hospital country” to “within walking distance of Starbucks” winds down to just one month’s time!)

AIA design month kicks off with Cleveland’s version of a gallery crawl, ie making me drive to the westside to get to two unwalkable destinations. Sheesh, they need a lesson from Pittsburgh and First Fridays… cheap eats, free wine, public transportation to the center of it all, sunshine! Perhaps the allure here is the name of one of the buildings – the Battery Park Powerhouse – a handsome sounding name for a place if there ever was one. I’m intrigued to see the space and neighborhood moreover as this will only be my second official time on the westside. The eastside is just so damn good (Melt, Rock and Roll, Mullets, Nordstrom Rack, need I list more? Me…)

While this weekend’s festivities will offer a healthy dose of design… see attached pdf [AIAPOSTER_r3] if you’re in the area and/or looking for specifics… I am ferverently awaiting the 7th and 12th of April to attend two of Kent State’s lectures.. one by Micheal Meredith and the other by Micheal Speaks. The Micheals are powerhouses (hehe) in architecture right now and I’m impressed by Kent’s pull… this is also me being nostalgic over CMU’s and the Carngei Museum’s of Art Lectures. Perhaps it’s just that time of year when instead of cuddling up in front of the tv with a mug of coffee all weekend I demand by days be packed with life. And it’s a good thing I feel that way since getting to and from these happenings really is 80 percent of the battle!

Speaking of: this week marks my first ceramics class since I was somewhere in the ballpark of 9 years old. I made some pretty stellar things back then. Lets hope I am half as good now 😉


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