The Girl is All Right

The Price is Right‘s Drew Carey hails from my newest city of residency (you all remember CLEVELAND ROCKS! CLEVELAND ROCKS! and Mimi’s eyeshadow that looks amazing on Barbie and NO ONE else).

Someone else also hails from the Cleve, and her name is Amanda Sturges and guess what else Drew and her have in common – they were both on the popular game show today (taped last month). She rocked it out with a “I OHIO/HEART DREW” SHIRT and did decently well (who knew a popcorn machine would cost $3000?!)

Watch here.

More amazing TriDelta news today: Lauren Gumbel (I can say this now because I’ve graduated from the collegiate system, but she was my FAVORITE during Formal Recruitment when I was Vice President of Membership) just heard word that she earned an Honorable Mention for the very prestigious Sarah Ida Shaw Award (one of the three founders of TriDelta back on Thanksgiving Eve in 1888). CONGRATS!

Also, to round a perfectly TriDelta filled weekend and blog post (two days removed from my first post-college Carnival/Homecoming weekend and I am already itching for the next super-sized reunion!) tonight MetroHealth hospital hosted a wonderful dinner and presentation for the Cleveland TriDelta Alumni chapter (I sat next to the Chief! Go Debbie and me for being the first to arrive NOT on Delta time 😉  The hospital is a teaching hospital on the WestSide and was founded in 1837. TriDelta has been it’s long standing partner for over 30 (Elda says 45?) years and has donated somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred thousand dollars AND hundreds of the most adorable fleece pillow cases for their youngest patients. Being there reminded me of my trip to St. Jude in Memphis oh so many summers ago – – this time I was less close to Elvis, but never far from the DELTA LOVE ❤

One thought on “The Girl is All Right

  1. I should add that I was watching thr show as I was writing this so I didn’t see the final grand prize until just now and the waythe new announcer says Zagreb is horrible. So is the Tmobile festival. If that had been a trip to the exit Festival in Serbia I would be dying of jealously right now. Although a trip to Spain (previously lost) and Croatia wouldn’t be so terrible. Perhaps I should start studying up on msrp prices and prepare for my next visit to LALA land now that I know a pro 😉

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