between a rock and a soft place

Man, that’s got to hurt!

If you did a double take upon viewing what may appear to be a strange primal form of torture, take a third look and rest assured, these “rocks” are actually pillows (to add to their cool factor this international company operates sansEnglish, so Google translate –

Composition modulable pour le sol,
pratique et poétique

Gamme laine
100% laine vierge

– and you’ll soon know that the ingredients are anything but limestone aggregate!).

For more info, check out or the simpler for other equally refined and gorgeous products.

OR check out Hawkin Lower School’s piazza, a project in the works for studioTECHNE architects in Lyndhurst, Ohio. These wee ones will soon have everything from a stage to a custom stone and glass river set in tree cookies. Yup, tree cookies. And of course the coolest pillows imported from France. I’m sure the teachers, too, will take a lesson from these adorable Smarin kiddies, pictured below.

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