Third Day’s a Charm

Here in Cleveland we have officially entered the third day of a string of 80 degree weather. 80!

The toothy smiles and flouncy floral print skirts that inevitably pop up with such a weather phenomena as this make me long for a venti iced coffee, a new dress and a plot of grass on which to enjoy these things! I’m thinking dreaming of that perfect spot positioned between an art museum and a darn amazing coffee shop in Budapest, or the rollicking hills of Flagstaff in Pittsburgh.

Back to reality: Whilst hauling my trash down to the dumpsters in my apartment building I noticed how lovely the early afternoon Saturday sun hits the generous landing of my fire escape. This could be a suitable Plan B before I find the beaucolic grassy knoll that eludes me thus far in the CLE.

BUT WAIT! Today, as if by divine intervention, I stumbled across this gem of an idea. Although this portable land product has yet to be brought to fruition and the social stigma attached with setting down a plot of grass in the middle of a less traveled road/parking lot may be too much for one city newcomer to bear, [if there are others interested… embarrassment is always better handled in groups! ;)] I am liking this concept very much.

Three cheers for this amazing weather and Plaza Movil.

And here’s to hoping I don’t look too silly hunting down my perfect plot this weekend!

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