The Perfect Cup

It’s man’s oldest problem: the plague of the burnt tongue.

From tea to coffee to hot chocolate to, well, anything you might enjoy hot (Hot Toddy?) there are those agonizing minutes just after brewing when the smell of the drug is just so intoxicating we cannot help but attempt a sip. It’s always a bad idea and we know it, but we need that jolt of caffeine, a taste before sugaring up (I especially love the wincing faces crowded ’round the bar at Starbucks where folks try to lap up an inch of coffee, making room for cream. It’s painful to watch, let alone participate – One of the many reasons I prefer my beverages black (tea, coffee, well that’s it.)).

To the rescue the two Daves, two geniuses who instead of merely whining about their burnt tongues invented the Coffee Joulie, a brilliant invention that keeps your beverage of choice at the right temperature. So not only does this little gizmo cool your coffee down right away by absorbing excess heat and energy, the scaled up coffee-bean look-a-like stores that energy and releases it back into your coffee as it dips below that ideal consumption point. NO MORE TRIPS TO THE MICROWAVE!

So smart. The guys have raised over $300,000 on Kickstarter, a huge achievement in and of itself, and are looking to produce the first batch of product to those 8000-some backers later this year. Then they’ll be available to us commoners in packs of 5 for $50.

My one hesitation, aside from wondering how long this magic bean remains magical (but I trust science and scientists and so I’m willing to believe this is not a disposable 6-month warrantied fella’), is how you coax the bean to stay sitting happily at the bottom of your mug. Even the photo featured above (snatched from Joulie’s website), while artful, makes me think that with one gulp of this liquid I’ll be crying as this metallic bean smashes into my teeth.

At least my tongue will be safe.

For more tech. specs. and to sign up for release date updates, Coffee Joulie.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Cup

  1. I saw this on the Today show! Or something similar. I wonder, if you plant one, will a beanstalk grow at the top of which sits a giant mound of free coffee?

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