Oh Good Gaga

Sometimes I really do miss daytime TV. Okay, a lot of the time. The View has been one of my favs long before I even understood half of the topics they discussed – back when Meredith and Star were pals, eons before Rosie’s debut -when LISA LING was a co-host! Obviously I could never watch whilst in middle school and so viewing parties became a summer vacation ritual after swim team practice and a bagel, along came Joy.

Today would have been an excellent day to watch live: Lady Gaga, guest, struggling in the most ridiculous 12″ boots (we get it, you’re a trend setter… but don’t you ever want to go out with just jeans and a tea? and your normal hair? whatever that may be? I get it. I love dressing up more than the next girl, but sometimes a Monday is a Monday, Gaga!). She arrived with her mum mom in tow. (So the contrast is refreshing, but whilst all of Gaga’s monsters were dressing her, couldn’t one of them pull something NOT pumpkin-colored for her mom? Seriously?)

The best part of the segment was Hasselback’s outfit as she sat two seats down in a zebra mini and red stilettos (she is/ thinks she is a clothing designer – I love her and her opinions and her outfits from the dressing room some days but honey, a pillowcase with a rosette tacked on it is a not a cute dress). I’m sure Queen Bee noticed that too 😉

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