two outta three + one

Throughout the day I take occasional breaks to check out the world’s happenings (and to make sure there aren’t any tornado warnings, or more accurately, to make sure they are at least twenty miles away) and today some great news surfaced (no pun intended – keep reading and you’ll see where this pun comes into play, a genius ploy I know!)

One. The oldest known champagne hit the auction blocks.

This is amazing news if you have a spare $50,000 but it’s also good news for commoners like moi who may want to show off a bit of savoy while hobnobbing with the rich and well mannered.

Okay, in my dreams, but still amongst all the news of war and killing and rape, finding 200 bottles of Veuve Clicquot at the depths of the ocean off of Finland is pretty awesome news even if you aren’t into traveling the wine fair circuit (as a few bottles are right now!). The article states the destination of only a few bottles, so many are still TBA – I hope those divers get a few, or at least one, otherwise, next time a team of divers finds a bit of sunken treasure you can be sure he/she is not going to share the news so freely!!!

Two. Ratko Mladic has been captured!

And will soon face the International Tribunal in The Hague (the coolest named place, I’ve always thought) as soon as Serbia fills out some paperwork. The manhunt was ongoing for 15 years. Many times the authorities thought they were close – invading his mother’s home after her passing, finding loads of diaries circa the days of the war, arresting people who hid him and supported him for years after he went into hiding, but they found him a tiny town and now he is sure to be extradited. Throughout all of middle school and high school pre-9/11 the Channel One morning news incessantly discussed Kosovo, and now there can be some semblance of justice.

(Incidentally, I google mapped the town where he was captured… it’s called Lazarevo, Serbia… it’s one of the prettiest farm patterns I’ve seen on google maps and I’m a big fan of google mapping everything. Highly recommend.)

Three. Dumpster Diving. Okay, this is not news, but Dumpster Driving is; And Dumpster Driving is a terrible idea, so in contrast I present the alternative: Dumpster Diving.

Justin Blinder, presumably a hipster from Brooklyn (if you’ve seen the HappyEndings episode where Penny dates a hipster and tries to assimilate into the culture only to find that there is nothing fun about acting like a too-cool-for-school zombie – after reading about Justin’s invention and watching the vid, you’ll get the same impression I have), has wasted a whole lotta time developing software that allows you to freely share the contents of your computer’s recycle bin with other people. Yup. Your virtual, non-environmentally impactful trash. If the photo is not cute/appropriate/fill-in-the-blank enough to remain on your desktop, is it really something you want other people to get a hold of? I don’t think so.

Rooting through others virtual trashcans sounds like an activity for a loser couch potato or criminal creep. The video explaining the project isn’t much better, as it demonstrates how easy it is to look through someone’s trash and voila! a pic of a bear. If you really needed this, you could have googled “bear” a whole heck of a lot faster than rummaging through a strangers trash in hopes of finding it.And if you weren’t looking for this, thought it was adorable (it is) and saved it to your computer, well just how long do you think that’s going to last before mr. bear becomes your trash?

I know, dumpster diving or shopping a thrift store is as much about the hunt as it is the find, and perhaps a handful of Justin’s friends will get a kick out of looking at each others junk. But then, it’s much like attending a neighbor’s yard sale because you’re nosy. Oh, what goodies is Jan tossing this summer? Oh la la. An old tps report. Score.

There are a ton of useful, genius apps out there and free software is never a bad thing, well rarely. And then there are programs/abilities you could totally live with out, but they’re fun to tinker with and so they co-exist next to Outlook peacefully. This Dumpster Driving software is the lone specimen that could be just as useless as it is boring.

One more: Christopher Kane’s Spring 2011 collection. It’s not news, Fall Runways are out, but to me it’s news since he’s a new name to me today, and after the utter fail of the dumpster story, and despite the awesomeness of the first two stories,  I needed a mid-afternoon pick-me-up (not to mention this is another late night at work!).

So if you live on Earth, anywhere besides on the Equator, it’s been gray lately (where lately is loosely defined as “as far back as we can remember, it’s been gray”). I oft stare at my collection of Sharpie highlighters and wish their hues would readily and in mass quantities occur in nature.

Now I have something new at which to stare longingly and it’s the neon collection Kane put together with his sister for this Spring. How did he know what the world needs now is highlighter yellow? How?

Kane and sister, a textile designer, have only been on the scene since 2007 and past collections seem a little hooky and “school”, as in amateur, and the piece-mealy look of this Spring isn’t winning me over entirely (it’s a plus, not a full-on amazing whole number in this post, after all) but the introduction of neon is just perfect. And not in small doses, either. Think Shanghai night markets. Downtown NYC on a Saturday night. THAT much neon. Love.

Okay: Time to take to these highlighters on my desk to the next level: good bye construction dwg sets, hello shirt!

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