git’im outta ‘ere!

Michael Kors needs to take a lesson from nearly every single contestant to grace Project Runway (yes, he could even learn something from the one who loved “leatha” and conceptual Ping).

Seriously? This (above) is resort wear for 2012? Seriously, Mike?

He’s quite a few years removed from the popularity of Scuba Steve and I’m pretty sure even Barbie has moved on from this look. The space-agey spin on the snorkeling gear could be interpreted as a nod to the end of NASA’s flights? I know, I’m grasping at straws here.

Here, the fanny pack is not even the worst offender (sorry hipsters, the fanny isn’t always cool).

I used to like Mike. I even love a few articles of clothing that I have from his lines. But now I just hope he doesn’t have the nerve to show his face on the All-Star Project Runway season. Or I hope he does show and Tim has to tell him to leave the workroom. Sigh.

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