grains, oil and diary. oh my!

While I’m hard pressed to find a recycling bin outside my place of work in the great city of Cleveland (never-mind separate bins for plastic, metals, papers…); other cities (read Portland, Austin, foodies in DUMBO) are so avant-garde with their earth-saving practices that they’ve moved beyond the reusable grocery bag (of which I am guilty of owning two dozen – forever sitting in my trunk) towards grocery stores without a shred of packaging on site.

Bring your own Tupperware to the brand spanking new concept store, In.gredients (why the period? must be a hippie/hipster thing) and you can fill up on “grains, oils and diary” straight from the bin. Sounds like a well rounded diet. For a rabbit.

When I was younger even the idea of scooping those cocoa cola candies from bins in FAO Schwartz (RIP) freaked me (follow me here: on Halloween we cannot accept unwrapped candy from our next-door neighbor, but any other time of year we can gorge ourselves on sweets in the middle of a crowded mall where you know for certain the teen behind the counter could care less if a creep dropped a dime of coke into the mix of sour patch kids?!? Even if you’ve never thought of this scenario before, doesn’t it sound rational? Thought so.).

Now, granted, in locally-sourced obsessed ‘hoods, there will be less of a risk of running into someone not high on sunshine (will there?) and looking to ruin your good-mood food.

So on to the bigger point: will I be scooping legs of lamb and dollops of yogurt and pints of orange juice from some bin, too, In.gredients?

Will I be able to buy more than dried berries and granola (perhaps this is what people subsist on outside of reality, but I’m pretty sure this spin on mall-style candy stores would go over less well in Cleveland than recycling bins on every corner. And is the rest of middle America so different?).

I snoop when I shop Geagle, and there are hardly carts full of natural, organic treats. I see people stocking up on frozen pizzas and frankfurters.

I’m thinking the novelty of hauling your Tupperware to the store to pick up unwrapped cheese will fade soon. So much for a revolution.

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