love kills etsy

In any other meaning of the word, love makes etsy (hence the teeny hearts you can stamp on products and stores and people. LOVE); however, a different sort of love hath descended upon the greatest vintage/handmade virtual arcade of the twenty-first century, Courtney Love.

Her profile so truly reflects her being, with sampling such as this: “just like to come here, my checks are on a wierd sahcedule so bear with… but if i really like it youll get paid, my cpa hates the word’etsy: ‘ but theres vendors on here i adore nd i al;ways discover new inspiring stuff.” Is there even a need to add the little [sic]? I’m sure her sahcedule is indeed insane.

Makes me wonder how many other celebs are on this site? Perhaps masquerading under names like “crafty cate” and such?

Also makes me wonder if Court has ever stumbled across my page?!

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