Stealing my [red] sole

The Great Loub is at it again (re-read my post from the first time this made news – “news”)!

Christian Louboutin has hired a private eye to smell out the genius behind YSL’s red soled shoes and Eureka! the detective found out that Dior plans to release a red soled shoe, too!

Oh. No. They. Didn’t.

Well, exactly. They didn’t.

Dior denies the plan. So far there is not a shred of rubber as evidence for such a claim.

If the private detective is now shaking in his (hopefully not red, unless he’s a she) shoe soles over the misguided discovery, he can always go after the dozens of non-haute couture brands that have been using the color for decades – and some, decades before Loub thought to claim the idea for his own.

On a semi-related wavelength:

would it be awful or amazing to have a job where you get bossed around by a snobby billionaire, where your only task is to find red soled shoes not stamped with your client’s sig?

My guess is the hours are light and the pay is great. Shoulda been a private detective!!!

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