parking wars

The TLC show, featuring people unable or unwilling to read signs governing where and when vehicles may park, is fantastic lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon watching.

The real life version, enacted this past weekend in Lithuania, is amazing viewing material wherever, whenever.

The ex-war correspondent, current bad-ass mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, Arturas Zuokas, decided he was going to take a stand against illegal parking in a big way.

He went above and beyond slapping a boot to a tire; he commanded a tank and took it for a spin down what looks like an otherwise perfectly calm, picturesque street.

In a country known for its love of libraries and learning, let’s just say I hope the video gone viral teaches more than one uber-rich car owner a lesson.

Although…  it would be more fun to see this happen over and over, every time a man with gold rings and a white suit goes to make a deposit into his offshore bank account (see the end of the video, the poor powderblue car’s owner is a hoot to watch!).

So next time you think, “eh, I’ll park here for a sec.”, envision your car screaming under the mighty wheels of this monster truck. I bet you’ll think twice!

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