lasercut lust part deux

If I had a cool $2,000 laying around this is what I would buy. NOT!

A dandy lasercutting machine.

Now that’s what I would purchase!

Weekly, if not daily, I am tempted by objects quite obviously made possible through the technology I fell in love with five years ago, and which currently eludes me (sometimes I think about rushing into grad school solely to re-instate my lasercutting privileges!).

Cork, the material featured above, is a fabulous material to cut… low power, quick speed, no smell, minimal burn (the burnt edge effect is cool on this material anyways), little clean up… it’s also terribly easy – thanks to the openness of geographic information systems – to obtain a CADD map of a city, such as the island of Manhattan, pictured above, send it to the machine and voila… twenty minutes later you have a fragile piece of cork apparently worth $2,500 (the $2,00 price tag I quoted earlier is the approximate sale price offered today on

The saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money”. Every time I see one of these objects, an object with which I can quickly and with ease dissect the process, it makes me so antsy for my lasercutting heydays of yore.

Rainy day fund commence.

The Allison Lukacsy Lasercutting Savings Bank is now open and accepting deposits 😉

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