The expression on this model’s face sums up my two fav. articles recently proffered to my gmail by NYMag’s Daily Intel:

(1) no one is all too excited about a $70 dress that looks like it could a $3 Goodwill find from Karl Lagerfield’s debut at Macy’s and

(2) people are hypocrites and cannot decide when saving money is saavy or gauche: “Honey! Don’t you dare pay for this dinner with a Groupon!” Two seconds later: “Oh, this shirt, why thank you, it’s from Gilt!”

People are awesome.

So Karl’s line isn’t a hit. Do you think he really cares if masses of people go and pick up a $49 tanktop with his face on it? He might not even know he has a line at Macy’s for all we know. I mean, the guy’s a pretty big deal.

The coupon thing is more puzzling to me (shocking to this model?): I love coupons and sales. There is little to compare to the high of walking out of a store knowing the manufacturer just lost money because of you! It’s like a legalized form of stealing. With more glory. Love it.

And while coupon clippers and bargain hunters may be mostly middle-aged women with a multitude of children (at least according to the past weeks’ winners in Cleveland’s Plain Dealer savings contest), the modern working gal can certainly get her kicks out of it too (and if you’re not plugged into limited opportunity, limited stock lunchtime sites like nomorerack, wowow, savings, gilt, fab, shopittome, et. you’re missing out and spending way too much on too little! Not to mention sites like Groupon and LivingSocial! Your wallet should be much heavier and your calendar much fuller thanks to these guys!).

While there is much to debate on whether you are actually saving by buying sale items that aren’t necessities or desires – even if you only pay 19 cents, if you never use the thing, you paid $.19 too much! – the smart shopper knows that she may go to Goodwill and get that $3 Karl Laggerfield look-a-like and for her $3 she’ll be an original – the one thing haute couture always wanted to be. Not so on the racks of Macy’s.

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