brent young, my idol

I am in deity worship mode and although I’ve never met Brent I am pretty positive he is an amazing dude.

I did try: scanning the packed opening at the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Reinberger Galleries tonight, hoping to catch a glimpse of the genius.

Tonight marked the opening of the 2011 Faculty Exhibition at the school and honestly, if I were a high schooler looking at the pieces on show tonight, there is no telling how quickly I would have run from architecture into a major like enameling.

Seriously impressive stuff!

In fact, my first Google search – after looking up Brent – obviously! – was how I could get my hands on some casting rubber.

Brent’s work on display tonight was limited to two pieces crafted of borosilicate glass. The intricate, lacy patterns created by slowly heating, twisting and joining thin rods of glass are nothing short of breathtaking. In fact, some of his sinewy sculptures, barely visible against the white walls of the gallery, standing three feet tall (like the one pictured above), appear as if they’d come crashing down if you did anything but whisper around them.

The first thought that popped into my head after turning the corner and seeing his work: “I have so many Moretti glass rods left from my own foray into hot glass in Pittsburgh. I wonder if he’d let me play in his studio?!!!?” 

If you’re in Cleveland, or within two hours of here, quite frankly, this show is more than worth it. On view until October 8th. It’s just a stone’s throw from Frank Gehry’s Weatherhead School of Management, Foreign Office Architect’s MOCA and the renowned works in the Cleveland Museum of Art – currently undergoing a major renovation by Rafael Vinoly!!! GO GO GO!

Also worth going back for, Steven McCallum’s “Secret Pleasures of a Devout Minimalist” (even more reason to go: it’s too new for Googling photographs!). The piece is pure Palm Beach circa 1984 on acid. It’s ten feet wide and splattered with pink and turquoise and mirrors and the title is the best part: I, the furthest thing from a Minimalist by all means, always knew the lovers of pure white cubes had secret desires to Jackson Pollack their sterile work. Truth’s out now!

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