cheap, easy and cozy

The extra day of weekend didn’t do much damage to my lengthy to-do list.

There is still a closet to organize for cooler temperatures and curtains to be made.

Many photographs need to be taken and uploaded to document my work in the ceramics studio so that the world can trust I’m not fabricating this latest creative venture!

There are still movies and books unopened, scattered about.

Ah, where does time go?

One small project I did complete this weekend was super cheap (less than $3 for material), super easy (fabric + scissors = all the materials you’ll need) and super cozy on this night when the temperature has dropped from 94 at the start of the weekend to 61 degrees!!! Check it out via my “i.make” page or follow this link.

Also, check out new additions to my website. The jewelry is quite the opposite of this cozy suede blanket, but we could all use a little taste of summer year round, right?! 🙂

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