white hot mess

I’m all for creative clutter, for groupings of diverse objects creating overwhelming visuals.

I love a room, like my living room, where you can sit for hours and constantly be noticing something new- the colors in a  print from Paris and the detail in a sculpture from Shanghai – because the eye is never bored by a monochrome palette or sparse furniture.

Minimalists would call this messy, clutching their head in agony. They cry, “Didn’t you learn ‘Less is More'”. Well yes, that iconic phrase has been thrown my way hundreds of times, but that doesn’t mean it’s true or good in this age of post-post modern design, as this glorious pendant light above clearly demonstrates.

The grand thing about this luminaire by Touch Design is that fifty empty martini glasses scattered about your house after an affair would be messy, you slob! But haphazardly globed together around a blub…  viola, you are an instant design goddess!

I wonder what other post-party apparatuses can be made useful and pretty after the last guest has left?

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