squishy! silky! practical?!

the absolute coolest accessory I’ve ever seen?!? YES!

Israeli textile designer Sivan Royz dreamed up this heavenly cross between fungus and amoeba and fashioned the creature into more than mere shelf art. These uncomfortably beautiful creatures are laser-cut silk purses.

The gorgeous palate results when the laser singes the white silk- a by-product of the cutting process, dependent on the speed and intensity of your equipment.

The color gradient is a resultant of compacting or stretching the density of the silken layers (my guess is somewhere around a thousand layers per purse?).

How early-2000’s blob-itecture must this look in Solidworks? Out of the computer, it’s pure, organic, highly tactile, especially in the way your handling transforms it, like an urchin tossed in the waves.

Definitely a project I am going to attempt come November when I will be in possession of my very own laser!

In honor of my last post (Fall 2011 Look Book) and because I’ve just stumbled upon the best carryalls – spanning a wide range of designers and uses – let’s take a gander at some more amazing fashion trends sure to last well beyond a Winter 2012 expiration date!

Click for Carryalls!

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