Krochet Kids, Love

If you watch even one hour of television a day you’ve seen their commercial. (I say that because lately I’ve been so hard to tie down that that is what I watch! And no, I don’t really think that’s an accomplishment; with all the supposedly great and new shows on, I feel like I’m really missing out!).  It’s a Bing commercial, featuring three buddies and (who I hope is) Betty, talking about how a little ingenuity in high school led to this super awesome idea of empowering women in Africa by teaching them a valuable skill like knitting (and if you’ve ever tried, you know I mean valuable!).

When I hear stories like this one, I must admit, I get a little jealous. I think: “Hey, I have some pretty stellar ideas, too, why aren’t I starring in a fine piece of 30 second long theater?” I guess it’s because I  don’t have two best friends who like to make random crafts as much as I do, that also live near me and, oh yeah, a reason to go to Africa (although I would really love one!!!) and some investors (I’d love these too! Let’s talk!).

While that is typically my initial reaction, my second is: “I want one!” Specially, I want a Betty in Gray. 🙂

The website for KKi was down the first day the commercial aired; amazing to think that there are so many people watching television and being awesome citizens at the same time. Cheers to humanity! Since, they’ve been taking in far more orders than they can handle… when thinking of those lovely ladies and men working their hands to the bone for an exponentially larger customer base than last month, I feel a little bit less sad for having to wait for my uniquely, hand crafted hat.

Check out the company and the cause:

ALSO, a really good reason to start your Christmas (or other winter holiday) WishList!!! Hurray!

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