Into the Woods!

Last week this photograph was posted on alithearchitect’s Facebook page. Fans were asked to guess what they thought this could be. The hint was – drum roll – I made it!

Well, here’s the answer folks, and if you’ve been keeping up with my foray into pottery, maybe this reveal won’t come as much of a surprise: It’s the cavernous space inside one of my tree inspired slab-built vases!!! The “eye” in the center of the photograph is a shimmery glob of clear molten glass baked right into the clay during the second kiln fire. The texture, depicted in detail in the photographs below, was created by passing a rolling pin over pieces of white oak tree bark, transferring deep, incredibly realistic impressions from the tree in the slab. The reddish-brown finish is a diluted, matte glaze rubbed into the clay with a sponge for an added textural effect. The markings from the bark pick up this color beautifully, creating a range of colors from burnt umber to terra-cotta. Check out the whole picture, below.

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