I have a dream

Happy MLK, Jr Day to all the civil servants who are out brunching or shopping or lazing about on your holiday. I too have chosen to take a break from my work and address a dream of my own: to be as super-crazy-awesome as this Dutch company called Snurk (translates to “snore” in Dutch!). Super-Crazy-Awesome.

As a person who has no bed frame to speak of and a rather large bedroom, this picture framed bed is so tempting. Having a wood shop available makes this extra tantalizing. But the truly amazing part about this bed is not the frame but rather the sheets set within it.

Snurk is a newish company born of the idea that great design should be intrinsically good. Their witty cotton comforter screened with high-res images of cardboard actually benefit homeless children. As do the sales of their cobblestone street sheet set (detail, left).

So if you’re out shopping for a white sale bargain today (as you should be, since January is the famed white sale month), consider doing a little charity work along the way. You’ll end up with a cuddly bed ensemble and a feel-good vibe. And of course a super-crazy-awesome conversation starter!

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