seriously GOOD stuff

Fervent blog followers will know that I read daily and post about it occasionally. Sometimes, I find the site’s goal to disseminate “one good thing a day” a bit of a reach, their stories lackluster, and tepid. Other times, they rock killer material. Like this gem of an idea.

In summary:

Two grads in California are inspired by a fleeting comment in a business class about used coffee grounds’ innate ability to produce the finest mushrooms (edible to-cook-with mushrooms, please note!). They grow a small batch in a bucket in the basement of their fraternity house, march into WholeFoods two weeks later and show their blooming garden to every department head who will see it. Not too long after, a head honcho in the Cali division calls up and says, we’ve got something big, here, fellas. From there, they approach a local coffee shop owner who agrees to pay these dudes the same amount he’s paying a waste removal service to take his used grounds. So the guys swing by the shop, pick up another man’s trash, turn it into mushroom growing gold, and then, sell the ground coffee mushroom mashup to very willing Craigslist takers who believe in the magical composting powers of such a mixture. The mushrooms are sold in WholeFoods next to the coffee beans they are grown from. They even sell do-it-yourself kits at the stores, with coupons for a cuppajoe attached.

The pay-it-forward / one-man’s-trash adages just don’t end here, do they?! Read the full story, here.

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