super cute, super functional

Isn’t it lovely when the two combine?! This book shelf by Mebrure Oral called TarGetBooks (but NOT sold at Target!) allows you to best organize your collection by sorting out the ones you’ve thumbed through from the books you’ve yet to crack open. Unfortunately, I would need more space on the “to read” side… but, perhaps if this shelf acted more as a see-saw and changed positions the more or less you added to each que, gravity would sooner or later force me to finish War and Peace. Now, that dynamism could encourage me to put down the remote once and for all!

I also love this for it’s potential as a DIY project – a few 1 bys and some precut wood letters from JoAnn’s painted the color of your choosing and bam! you’ve got yourself a custom shelf for much less than the $520 Oral is asking. AND you could always customize the phrases, (“travel”, “romance”, “research”) creating your own little library catalog!

Oh, I’m so inspired! I’m sure you’ll see a tutorial in iMAKE soon enough!

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