mmm ultramodern hamburgers

I’m not entirely sure what an ultramodern hamburger would consist of – astronaut ice cream? lactose-free whey protein flavored like bacon and guac? – but apparently Wendy’s has determined what an ultramodern hamburger joint (QSR) looks like (left).

The inspiration? “Frank Lloyd Wright” (very important disclaimer: this statement in no way reflects my opinion of FLW architecture and is infact a quote from the leader of the design team, Trè Musco, president and chief creative officer of San Francisco-based Tesser!).

Lucky for me (I think?), the best of the four new designs (above) to be unveiled around the country in accordance with vague notions of regionalism is going to be Ohio and Canada (Wendy’s is based in Dublin, Oh). Proving once and for all that we are so gosh-darn modern out here in O-H-I-O!

Other cities soon to be demo’-ing these include Pittsburgh (style: Contemporary), Phoenix (style: Urban (?!?!?!)) and Virginia Beach (style: Traditional).

Whatever the exteriors, the interiors for all four designs scream hotel lounge with faux fireplaces, bar seating and plush seats adjacent to tables that make it appear as if eating in your lap would be more comfortable than frosty-fry-dipping from the low coffee table in front of you (right). Another unifier is the omnipresent word “quality” mounted on way too many surfaces (and what does quality even mean anymore? Are we talking “grass-feed cows and shade-grown potatoes” or “a bit better than we used to be when no one cared if an animal was genetically altered”?!?!?).

I wonder how much enacting the design in  these four cities will cost? How much more business will it bring in (I am getting hungry…)? Will these four designs find themselves in other cities or will Philadelphia get a Colonial version? Vermont a log cabin? Big questions 🙂

For more information and photographs, visit the Hospitality Magazine article, here.

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