chimes of freedom…

…freedom from the hassle and hardship of knowing the time of day.

Sound tempting? Sure! How many of us wish we had a superpower that allowed us to speed up and slow down the hands on the clock? We laze on a beach and hope that when we check our phone for the time it says somewhere around 1:30pm, perpetually. We spend an afternoon skiing, hoping that the brilliant sky blue will never fade to gray. But could we really live our daily lives without the visual interface of a clock? When our routines are programmed so precisely for meetings, excercise classes, webinars, dinner-dates could we rely on church bells to structure our days?

I think not. André Gonçalves, designer of the USMA clock disagrees.

Gonçalves teamed with Lisbon-based studio Cabracega to create a clock that has NO visual interface (ie, no arms, so circles moving around an amorphous dial). All of the clock’s  mechanisms are concealed inside an unassuming wooden box, above. So, instead of stamping each moment with a universally understood code (which would be helpful, right? How useful is it to have someone ask you the time and you answer “Well, I could tell you, but then I’m not a Navajo code-cracker from WWII)”, the USMA Clock uses “only sound to mark the passage of time,” letting out the soothing sounds of a church bell on the hour. They insist that the USMA Clock allows you to resist the pressure to count every second and make every second count.

To anyone who thinks this will make their lives less stressful: Let me know how this “clock” works out after you’ve missed all the events on your calendar, your boss thinks you’re a slacker and your wife and kids won’t speak to you. all because  you were sitting waiting for church bells to ring!

Read more, here.

2 thoughts on “chimes of freedom…

  1. For this to work you would need to not work on a computer, talk on a cell phone, walk by a microwave, drive by a bank, or listen to a radio. If you’re that isolated from everything else, you probably never need to know what time it is anyways. I like to think that whatever is on top allows you to set the clock, which would be ridiculous

  2. I think this would a lovely idea for a cave dweller who is adept at telling the passage of time by the movement of the sun and needs no one (or no thing) to tell him the best time for a hunt!

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