Oh how I love when friends use WordPress! Here’s another re-blog of what will be a truly amazing accounting of Nessa French’s foray into micro-finance in Nairobi, Kenya. Cheers to her new beginnings in Africa!

Nessa in Kenya

Jambo! =Hello!  Karibu Kenya= Welcome to Kenya.

So, it has been quite a while since my last post and for that, I apologize.  After over 27 hours of traveling, I made it to Nairobi last Wednesday.  Suffice to say I was exhausted and totally out of my element so, the first few days were bumpy to say the least.  But, I am definitely now adjusting to life in Nairobi and I had my first day of work today!

I am sort of struggling with exactly how personal or professional I want to keep this blog.  I want to pour my heart out but, I also don’t want to distract from the real reason that I am here so, I am aiming for a balance between the two.  Up until today, I have only had personal experiences, so I will start there.

My first two days in Kenya were extemely overwhelming…

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