absolute favorite

If you’ve never had the privilege of catching a re-run of the BBC show “Absolutely Fabulous” I feel absolutely awful for you, bloke!

The kooky half hour sketch revolves around Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, two middle-aged besties whose glamorous lives in the world of fashion and PR (when they go to the office, that is) is steeped in heavy abuse of champagne, caviar and heroin. Their outlandish behavior is juxtaposed by Edina’s mother – a confused prude of an Englishwoman – and her brilliant, nerdy daughter.

Nothing much happens (think “Seinfeld”), but after the AB FAB opening credits, hilarity always ensues. Actress Jennifer Saunders (Edina) originally wrote the sitcom to be integrated into a comedy sketch show, a la SNL, but the fragments of the show were so successful, AB FAB quickly became it’s own show.

Now that my viewing audience is all caught up on the premise of the show, onto my point. Last night, while flipping through the the Spring 2012 (huge) issue of Harper’s Bizarre I stumbled across this ad from Alexis Bittar. Ah, how I wish we could all dress this way everyday, in 2012! Aren’t they, well, Fabulous?

I happened across this show on a trans-Pacific flight to Asia in 2009 and wished there were more than three episodes in the que for my 16 hour flight! Now that I’ve seen all of the episodes at least once (thanks to the wonderful archives in my local library), I haven’t given much thought to the show, in oh, perhaps six months. After seeing this ad, however, I did a little Googling and discovered that the show will return to the air for it’s 20th anniversary later this year with the first of three specials. Sadly, this is true only if you get BBC One and live in Scotland. Damn.

Not to leave you on a sour note on this day of love, Alexis Bittar has a behind the scene’s look at the shoot with AB FAB stars on her site, and also some lovely Valentine Day e-cards.

Hearts, roses and pink glitter to everyone ❤

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