my cleveland bestie

Before (eek!) and After (glamorous, Nidhi!)

Because you can’t reblog a ‘blogger’ post (everyone join WordPress!), I have to gloat about how awesome my Cleveland bestie and her blog are in an old fashioned post.

Nidhi ( is quite the dedicated crafter (and more importantly, excellent at documenting and uploading her creations – something I struggle to achieve) and she’s the gracious host and founder of Tuesday craft nights (soon to be Cleveland famously know as Craft+Wine / Pop!Craft)!!!

She’s super creative when it comes to upcycling paper products and reconstructing clothing. Her dress to the much-buzzed about Ocsar party was gorgeous despite it’s not so glamorous origins (above). Read more about our fabulous night in our fabulous dresses, here.

Another one of my favorite projects of Nidhi’s is her Cleveland Watercolor on top of old encyclopedia pages, (below). Check out the project, here.

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