Two of Cleveland’s greatest bloggers (in our heads) debuted a new blog this weekend, Cleveland Socialite, to capture the rockin’ and rollin’ good times to be had in the C-L-E.


Nidhi started off the best-blog-ever with a bang by cataloging our night Saturday {Three Birthdays, One Night} when we made our way from Cleveland Heights to Asia Town to Ohio City to Tremont all in the span of a few hours for the sake of three birthdays {festivities pictured above} And we would have made it Downtown for a fourth on W.6th (breaking some sort of World Record, I’m sure of it) but these little chicas were all doughnut and waffled out by 1am.

So while we cannot promise a flurry of birthday straws and staplers every weekend, the future looks bright!

Thanks to Cleveland’s a Plum‘s connection to the movers and shakers in Cleveland, Nidhi and I won tickets to the Rock Hall’s 2012 Induction Simulcast and a few other sold out events like the coveted Girl Talk and Concert for Cleveland shows. Stay tuned for some awesome posts from the heart of the action, the heart of Ohio.

We ❤ being Social.  We ❤ Cleveland.

And most importantly, we ❤ us.

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