Funny, but True

This is no joke. There is an expectation that architects dress as though they are always attending a funeral. A impossibly chic funeral, albeit. While I would probably die if I were forced to wear black head to toe day-in-and-day-out, there absolutely should be a universal code that to design well, one must dress well. Unfortunately, I know too many architects who dress more like contractors (or worse, high schoolers). Uggh.

Luckily, Jody Brown of the blog Coffee with an Architect [] has put together some guidelines for those leaping into the profession utterly clueless, those looking for an excuse to go shopping (always!) and those of you wondering why your architect always looks so different from the crowd, but similar to himself at each and every meeting!

My favorites from her post, re-posted on ArchDaily


Acceptable hair color: Bald, grey, white, clear.

Inappropriate hair color: Blond or, optimistic.

An Architect’s attire should incite one of the following acceptable emotions: Angst, ennui, malaise, ensomhet, disinterest, simplicity, arrogance.

Acceptable eyewear: Black-rimmed-round glasses, Black-rectangular-framed glasses (if you must).

Inappropriate eyewear: Colored frames, Tortoise shell, 20/20 vision.

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