Hey! Buildings are Fun!

Video games will never be my thing: I think I’ve played Frogger, some version of Mario Brothers and a few rounds of fitness/dance mashups in Xbox’s Kinnect maybe a half dozen times in my 25 years of life.

On the contrary, buildings will always be my thing.

Despite the fact that I’ve never once played Tetris (yes, I really did go to Carnegie Mellon… they accept more well-rounded students now!), I can completely appreciate how cool it is that students and professors came together at MIT this weekend to battle each other on what may be the world’s largest gameboard (yes, even bigger than those giant chess games that dot European public spaces!).

Uber-smart professors and their nerdy proteges playing games on a Friday night is hardly headline making. Actually, I imagine if there were ever a Friday night where not a single student was playing video games on campus, the world would end.

But the thing that made this activity noteworthy is the fact that the players were battling for victory not in the building, but ON the building.

One side of the Cecil and Ida Green Building (above) was transformed into a giant video game canvas. According to  IHTFP: The MIT Gallery of Hacks, the Tetris-on-the-Green-Building hack was an idea almost 20 years in the making.

Super cool. Super fun. Super smart.

READ MORE: http://alum.mit.edu/pages/sliceofmit/2012/04/23/hacked-tetris-on-the-green-building/

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